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This fun and informative walking tour is a great way to experience and familiarize yourself with the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga, Nukuʻalofa. In addition to visiting the Royal Palace and Royal Tomb, you will visit Talamahu Market, the kingdom's main fresh produce hub. It is a hive of activity here particularly on Saturday mornings. Another highlight of this tour is the Langafonua Handicrafts Centre which stocks the best range of traditional Tongan handicrafts and fine arts including traditional tapa cloth, woven crafts from pandanus leaves, Tongan jewellery and wooden carvings. A must for first time visitors!
Mon-Sat / 1 hour
Experience the unique places of Tonga through a scenic drive. There will be a brief photo stop at the 2 – headed coconut tree (really amazing and one of a kind) before heading out along Tongatapu's southern coastline to see the majestic blowholes at the village of Houma and flying foxes in the village of Kolovai – the home to hundreds of fruit bats. These creatures - harmless and seemingly lifeless-hang eerily from rows of ironwood pines along the main village road and are considered sacred and a delicacy to be consumed only by members of the Royal Family. A stop at Abel Tasman Landing is also included.
Mon-Sat / 1.5 hours
This tour provides an informative exploration of the island's eastern regions. First stop is the Royal Palace, home of his late Majesty, King Taufaʻahau Tupou IV. Next, visit the Royal Tombs, where King George Tupou I and the rest of the late members of the Tongan Royal Family are at rest. See the place where Captain Cook landed on the 30th April 1777, and visit the ancient Haʻamonga Trilithon, a giant stone arch built around 1200AD - a photo opportunity not to be missed. The ʻAnahulu Cave, an underground natural swimming pool with stalactites and stalagmites provides another highlight.
Mon-Sun / 3 hours
Become acquainted with the fascinating Tongan culture and tradition on this half day tour. The main highlight is the stop at the ʻAnahulu Cave Ancient Tonga Cultural Centre where a variety of interesting exhibits provide an insight into the local culture. The fascinating myth of the coconuts origin will be revealed before observing the traditional methods of obtaining coconut milk. Discover the secrets of baking Tongan food in an earth oven and enjoy performances of local song and dance and discover the intricacies of tapa cloth making, mat weaving and wood carving. There are plenty of photo opportunities along the way! (See more at our tour page).
Mon-Fri / 3.5 hours
This tour has you heading out to Oholei Beach Resort via Captain Cook's landing, a 30 minute drive to the east coast of the capital, Nukuʻalofa. At this tropical beach paradise you will witness sweeping coastal vistas and fascinating rock formations. You will enjoy an Island style smorgasbord buffet to satisfy the most ravenous appetite and then be entertained in typical Polynesian style. A truly memorable evening for you to dance the evening away to the enchanting rhythm of the South Seas – Enjoy!
Wed + Fri / 6 hours
Take a day cruise out to one of the two off-shore islands, Royal Sunset Island Resort located on ʻAtata Island a 55 minute boat ride northwest of Nukuʻalofa or Fafa Island a comfortable 30 minute boat ride north of the capital. There’s time aplenty to swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters, join in the daily resort activities or simply relax on the white sand beaches – the choice is yours! You will capture many fascinating sights of Tonga’s capital, Nukuʻalofa from the boat as you head out and with the two islands being easily accessible and close by you’ll get the most out of your day in paradise.
Mon-Sun / 6 hours
This intermediate tour is designed for those with an adventurous spirit and a moderate level of physical fitness. Take a shuttle bus to Papiloa Hotel Beach along the waterfront of the main city Nukuʻalofa for a short briefing before the tour starts. Jump in your kayak, paddle and explore the beautiful crystal clear waters inhabited by sea turtles, dolphins and humpback whales through to Pangaimotu Island. Spend time here for lunch, exploring the island, snorkelling next to the shipwreck or simply relaxing in this beautiful unspoilt setting. Return paddle to the waterfront of Papiloa Hotel Beach before boarding the coach back to the wharf.
Mon-Sat / 3 hours, (Min 7 Max 13)
Enjoy a boat ride through the pristine waters of Tongatapu. Watch for humpback whale spouts and breaching while enjoying an educational briefing from an informed local guide. Tonga has one of the most colourful marine life in the Pacific. Enjoy our uninhabited islands, clean beaches and cool clear waters by snorkelling by the boat and swimming . Tour with lunch, fruits and drinks included. Do not miss out!
Mon-Sat / 6 hours (Min 2 Max 14)