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Located in Haveluliku, on the Eastern side of Tongatapu, ‘Anahulu Cave is made up of a network of large limestone caverns, as well as Tongatapu’s only freshwater pools. 'Anahulu Cave is approximately 400m long and has freshwater pools and the biggest pool is the most popular bathing area. There are stairs and a path leading to the pools which are up to 8m deep and Anahulu Beach is 50 metres from the entrance of the cave and is great for snorkeling and swimming.

The ʻAnahulu Cave Ancient Tonga Cultural Centre

Do more than 'just visit the cave'. We can take you on a cultural tour as well.

On a cruiseship? No problem, our bus will take you from there to here and back, with the trip passing through the Tongan landscape and several traditional villages.

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